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     Rick Edmonds has served as a conservative watchdog in the House of Representatives. He has not only voted against the outrageous taxes proposed by Governor Edwards, but he has also authored/co-authored several budget transparency bills that implement important spending reforms. When Rick ran for office in 2015, he committed to being a conservative leader in the House and promised to vote against tax increases on our families and small businesses. He has done just that, being named one of the most conservative members of the House by Jeff Sadow.


SB 13 (2018) - A bill that established the 'Louisiana Checkbook' transparency website that shows all state spending.


SB 400 (2018) - A bill that established the Dedicated Fund Review Subcommittee that has 'unlocked' millions of dollars in protected funds. Rick co-chairs this committee.

HB 321 (2018) - A bill that would have established spending controls as it pertains to the government spending of 'funded vacancies.' Unfortunately, the governor vetoed this important reform.


     Rick has been a leader as it pertains to pro-life issues. He has passed legislation that has made Louisiana a more pro-life and a more adoption-friendly state. Rick's bills have undoubtedly helped our state achieve its highest number of adoptions this past year. With the events that have occurred in New York and Virginia, Rick knows it is more important than ever to stand for life.


HB 643 (2018) - A bill that created protections for families who adopt and that made the adoption process more affordable.


HB 449 (2018) - A bill that established the 'Adoption Option' act, promoting adoption as an alternative to abortion.

HB 1019 (2016) - A bill that prohibited abortions based on genetic abnormalities.

HB 606 (2016) - A bill that prohibited any taxpayer dollars from going to any entity that performs abortions.




     Rick has taken a stand for Louisiana values on all fronts. Whether it be for pro-2nd Amendment policies or for school choice measures, he has authored and supported policies that the majority of his constituents support. Rick has also spent his time in the legislature working to make a better state for our police officers and our veterans, supporting bills that help support the widows of our fallen heroes. He has also commissioned a study that will eventually help veterans translate their military skills into jobs here at home.


HB 142 (2016) - A bill that extended concealed carry eligibility.


HB 505 (2016) - A bill that established a tax exemption for a surviving spouse of a member of our military, police, or fire department.

HCR 104 (2017) - A concurrent resolution that forms a study of employment practices and professional licensing requirements to benefit veterans in the workforce.


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